The Integration: Lightspeed & aleno

The connection of POS and reservation system: Better insights, better prospects, better workflow.

Liza Cahiz / Klaus Haberkern
November 8, 2022

Integration: More than the sum of its parts

POS-Systeme wie die iPad-Kasse Lightspeed K-Series und Reservierungssysteme wie aleno sind für sich allein schon eine feine Sache für Gastronom*innen.

Connected via interface, however, the two are a perfect match. Both systems are made even better by the other and are now really playing to their strengths: aleno uses the cash register data for guest management, Lightspeed the reservation data for check-in, check-out, etc.

And both systems know what the other is doing or what is being done on the other. Entered in one system, implemented in the other.

A well-rehearsed team! Guest and cash register data are exchanged between the systems on the one hand. This means that they are available in both aleno and Lightspeed K-Series. Employees no longer have to enter everything several times or switch back and forth between the two systems. 

Obendrein sind die kombinierten Daten Gold wert für Upselling, targeted Marketing, die Kommunikation mit den Gästen, Reporting und vieles mehr. Dieser Datenschatz lässt sich also heben - und das automatisiert.

The Advantages

  • When checking in, checking out and paying in Lightspeed, the information is automatically transferred to aleno.

  • The turnover of the guest is displayed and stored in aleno, so that sorting and selection of guests by e.g. turnover is possible.

  • Use of combined guest and checkout data for targeted marketing.

  • Prioritisation for reservation requests via guest preferences and point-of-sale data such as previous sales.

  • In Lightspeed, all guest details can be viewed for each reservation and used for better service and upselling.

How can I connect Lightspeed and aleno?

You only need to have both systems in use: The rest is easy:

1) Go to the aleno marketplace.
2) Select the Lightspeed K-Series integration.
3) Click Request Access and follow the instructions. 

We will then get in touch with you.

And you can connect the two systems into a well-rehearsed team that exchanges information and where one knows what the other is doing. And finally, you no longer have to enter or confirm everything in all systems. 

Kennst du schon aleno, die nächste Generation digitaler Tools für eine neue Ära der Gastronomie?

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