"With the integration of aleno and PMS, we optimise processes and internal communication. No more lists and everyone always has up-to-date information!" Jonas Ritscher, Suvretta House

MEWS + aleno integrated

Dreaming and dining under one roof. And the management? The integration of the guest management system aleno with the property management system MEWS automates the cooperation between rooms and F&B. This simplifies and improves the service, which relieves the guest.

Everything under one roof


The integration synchronises the guest data from PMS and guest management system. Information such as contact details, length of stay, room, guest package, table reservation or special features are only entered once, but displayed in both systems. The automatic collaboration between Rooms and F&B relieves staff and guests of administrative tasks and enables a more personal service without constant questions.


Advantages for F&B 


The staff in the restaurant knows the occupancy rate and knows for every reservation: whether it is a hotel guest. How long the guest will stay. Which package he has booked. Whether there are any special needs. For better planning, the guest can be automatically placed at the same table or time for the entire stay, as well as rebooked to another hotel restaurant. 

  • Rooms and F&B data are automatically synchronised and updated in both systems.
  • Marking of restaurant and hotel guests.
  • Repeat and shift reservations between restaurants.
  • Automatic adjustment of free capacities in the restaurant for external guests, incl. all functions such as: Reminder mail, automatic table allocation, no-show avoidance, etc.

Uniform Guest Experience


All employees always have an overview and give the guest the feeling of being personally recognised, looked after and welcomed at all times. Staff at the reception or in the restaurant can dispense with questions about the status of the guest, the room number, restaurant visits, meetings and lists for the coordination of F&B and rooms and concentrate on the well-being of the guest.

  • Restaurant staff know the changing needs of the guests, e.g. welcome drink, give away.
  • The status of the hotel guest is visible in the restaurant, so that no bill remains unpaid.
  • All information about the guest at a glance at every touchpoint.
Hypersoft - Integration: Präzisere Gästedaten für erfolgreiches Upselling

Up-Selling: Know what the guest wants


The CRM shows the preferences of the guests. The service can respond to the guest with targeted offers and thus increase both turnover and the guest experience. More for the guest, more for the hotel.

  • 360-degree guest profile provides quick overview
  • Further integrations such as POS possible
  • Record regular guests, VIPs, preferences
  • Individually cater to guests and their preferences, from preferred table to preferred menus

Marketing: Retain and attract guests


With the integration of MEWS and aleno, relevant information about hotel and restaurant guests is collected and connected throughout the entire guest journey. Thus, the guests can be specifically addressed via aleno, informed and won over for a visit to the restaurant or a stay in the hotel for the first time or again. 

  • Targeted digital marketing on Google, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Segmented guest data for automated newsletter distribution.
  • Automated review management.
  • Cross-selling: Win hotel guests for a restaurant visit and restaurant guests for a hotel stay.

Hotels rely on aleno


MEWS - the cloud based PMS-solution

MEWS is a flexible solution for the automation of administrative processes in hotels. As with aleno, a number of extensions can be selected from a marketplace and connected to MEWS to offer, simplify and automate the best possible service along the guest journey from booking to payment, check-out and marketing. 


aleno - Tools for a new era in gastronomy

aleno automates reservations, guest management, payment and marketing in restaurants. Whether hotel restaurants, star-rated restaurants, restaurant chains or beer gardens, the brand, design, rooms, guest labels, payment and ordering solutions or marketing can be flexibly adapted to every gastronomic operation in the tool.

Numerous extensions such as POS, PMS, newsletter systems, channel managers etc. can be selected on the aleno Marketplace. The synchronised data can be used by the hotel as desired for a personal guest experience and the automation of workflows or the optimisation of occupancy - even across locations.


See aleno with MEWS in in action

You want to see the interaction of the PMS solution MEWS with the guest management tool aleno on some examples?


FAQ's on Integration

What are the prerequisites for integration?

Restaurants must have both systems - MEWS and aleno - in use. The two systems can be connected or integration requested via the MEWS Marketplace as well as the aleno Marketplace. As soon as the integration is active, the data is synchronised and available in both systems.

What data is synchronised between MEWS and aleno?

When the Property Management System and the aleno guest management system are connected, data is synchronised with each other in real time. From MEWS, data on overnight guests is passed from the PMS to aleno. The guest management system aleno provides data on restaurant guests and reservations as well as manually entered additional information on the guests to the PMS.

Can I also connect my newsletter system or my cash register?

Yes, the aleno marketplace can be used to connect the Mailchimp and Sendinblue newsletter systems with aleno. This allows newsletters to be sent automatically to selected guests. GDPR-compliant, of course. 
Cash register solutions such as Lightspeed K-Series or Hypersoft can also be connected via interface.

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