Hotels & aleno: it's a match! Integration of PMS and Restaurant Management

The aleno restaurant management system enables automatic data exchange with the property management systems Protel, Mews and Fidelio. This turns the entire guest journey into a unique, unified journey - for guests and staff.


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F&B & Rooms = one unit?

A hotel, that is restaurant and room under one roof. For the guest: One place. A stay. One experience. However, the F&B and Rooms areas are managed separately and with different tools. The duplicate entry and management of data is correspondingly time-consuming. But no longer with the integration between the aleno restaurant reservation system and the hotel PMS.


Manage less, pamper more

In the hotel, different data such as name, e-mail, telephone number, days of stay, room number and category, package are recorded in the PMS and reservation system. With the integration of F&B and Rooms, this data is automatically merged, exchanged and displayed in both tools. This means that information does not have to be requested again by staff, nor does it have to be repeatedly disclosed by guests.

The automatic collaboration of the two tools replaces lists and meetings to reconcile Rooms and F&B. This relieves staff and guests, while leaving more time and information for personal service and enjoyment.

  • Guest data for personal service at reception and restaurant, e.g. welcome drink, farewell at the end of the stay.

  • Reconciliation from check-in to check-out between F&B and Rooms against forgotten or double payments, missing tables and the like.

Advantages in the restaurant

Even before the guests, the data comes into the restaurant. The staff is informed in advance about future occupancy, reservations and the guests, e.g. which package they have booked, how long they will stay at the hotel, what special requests they have.

The comprehensive data enables better planning and more personalized service right from the start. And this is independent of which employee is serving the guest. The data can also be used to simplify processes. 

With the repeat function, the same table can be reserved for the entire duration of the guest's stay, so that the guest no longer needs to be asked on any other days. If desired, the reservation for individual days can simply be moved to another table, another time or another restaurant. 

  • Automatic synchronization of data from PMS and restaurant CRM, as well as POS if necessary.

  • Repetition of reservations for the entire stay.

  • Shifting of reservations to other tables, times, hotel restaurants.

  • Reservation management including automated reminder email, no-show avoidance, prepayment, etc.

Up-selling: What makes the guest happy

In aleno, guest information from F&B, rooms and POS is stored, e.g. preferences, previous visits, sales. The staff can use this information to up-sell the guest and offer them exactly what they wants, with even better quality. This increases sales and guest satisfaction.

  • Automatic or manual recording and management of preferences, special requests and guest histories.

  • Comprehensive guest profile for needs-based up-selling, e.g. food and beverage preferences, special requests

Marketing: New guests become loyal guests

Data on the entire guest journey of restaurant and hotel guests is collected and aggregated in aleno. With the personalized data, guests can be addressed specifically and exclusively according to their interests. Instead of spam, this means customized offers, the best memories and returning guests. 

  • Targeted Digital Marketing on social media, Google and more channels.

  • Newsletter to selected guest groups.

  • Automated Review Management.

  • Retention-Marketing: Attract hotel guests for dinner and restaurant guests for overnight stays.

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Integration to Protel, Mews, Fidelio

The Restaurant Management System aleno has an interface to the best PMS on the market: MEWS, Fidelio and protel. The integration allows automation and optimization of work processes across rooms and F&B. Automation along the entire guest journey from room booking to payment to marketing is a big step into the digital future for hotels.


aleno - Tools for a new era of hospitality

aleno automates reservations, guest management, payment and marketing in restaurants. Whether hotel restaurants, star-rated restaurants, restaurant chains or beer gardens, the tool can be used to flexibly adapt brand, design, rooms, guest labels, payment and ordering solutions or marketing to any business.

Numerous extensions such as POS, PMS, newsletter systems, channel managers, etc. can be selected on the aleno Marketplace. The synchronized data can be used by the hotel as desired for a personal guest experience and the automation of workflows or occupancy optimization - even across locations.

The interaction of PMS and aleno

You want to see the collaboration of the guest management tool aleno with a PMS in action? Request information and get a free online demo.


What are the requirements for integration?
Hotels must use the respective PMS and aleno. The two systems can be connected or the integration can be requested via the aleno marketplace as well as via the respective Marketplaces of the PMS providers. The data synchronization starts as soon as the two systems are connected.
What data is exchanged between PMS and aleno?

Once the Property Management System and the aleno guest management system are connected, data is synchronized in real time. For example, the PMS sends information about overnight guests to aleno. Depending on the PMS, this includes data such as name(s), e-mail, telephone number, room number and category and hotel package, booking status as well as individual "notes to the restaurant" on the overnight guests.

Can I also connect my newsletter system or my cash register?
Yes, the two newsletter systems Mailchimp and Sendinblue can be connected via aleno. This makes it possible to synchronize contact data from the reservation system with the audiences for the newsletters. GDPR compliant, of course. 

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