General Terms and Conditions aleno Referral-Program



The aleno Referral-Program enables existing aleno customers ("agents") to receive a discount by referring new customers to aleno AG (hereinafter "new customers"). Compliance with these terms and conditions ("Referral Terms and Conditions") is a prerequisite for participation in the referral-program as well as the associated discount.

aleno AG reserves the right to deny the agent access to the Referral-program and to terminate it at any time without stating reasons, e.g. in the event of suspected non-compliance with the Referral Terms and Conditions, unlawful acts or misuse by the agent as well as in the event of termination of the Referral-program.

Furthermore, aleno AG reserves the right to change these Referral Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. By accepting these Referral terms and conditions, the agent agrees - until expressly revoked - to future changes to these Referral terms and conditions by aleno AG.

Requirements for participation in the aleno Referral-Program

Every business customer of aleno AG and user of the aleno restaurant system is generally entitled to participate in the Referral-program, unless aleno AG explicitly refuses participation. An exception applies to employees, owners, and shareholders of the to be referred new customers and of aleno AG as well as all persons related to such a person.

Warranty of the agent

By accepting these Referral Terms and Conditions, the agent undertakes to provide only truthful information to aleno AG and to the to be referred new customers and to provide the to be referred new customers with truthful and complete information about aleno AG and the products it offers. The agent also confirms that he/she is not an employee, owner, or shareholder of aleno AG or of a new customer and that he/she is not related to such persons.

Conditions for referral and discount

For the agent and the new customer referred by him to be entitled to the discount described herein, the following conditions must be met cumulatively:
  • The referred new customer is not and has never been a customer of aleno AG.
  • The referred new customer had no other contact with aleno AG or aleno AG employees up to the time of the referral.
  • The referred new customer concludes a contract with a minimum term of 12 months with aleno AG.

General provisions on discounts

Provided that the above conditions are met, the following conditions shall apply to the discount granted by the agent and to the new customer referred by him:

  • The agent and the new customer will receive a recurring monthly discount of 10% on the original invoice amount of an aleno restaurant license ("restaurant license") for the referral of a new restaurant license.

    Example: The agent, who has a contract with aleno AG for five (5) aleno restaurant licenses, refers a new customer with two (2) aleno restaurant licenses:
    The Agent will receive a 10% recurring monthly discount on two (2) of his existing five (5) restaurant licenses. The new customer will also receive a 10% recurring discount on his two (2) restaurant licenses.

  • The discount is granted to both parties over the entire period of use, provided that all contractual agreements are complied with.
  • The discount only applies to monthly fix priced usage fees. Transaction based costs such as SMS, payment fees for aleno Payments or fees in a pay per guest model are excluded from the discount.
  • The maximum discount of the agent is 100%. The agent has no possibility to earn money by referring new customers.
  • The discount for the agent is linked to the continued existence of the referred restaurant licenses as well as to the payment of the corresponding user fees. If the referred new customer cancels his restaurant licenses or does not pay the user fees in full, the agent automatically loses his entitlement to the price discount.
  • The termination of the use of aleno by the agent does not affect the discount of the referred new customer.
  • The price discount for referred new customers is also applicable to already acquired additional products, such as integrations. However, if the agent acquires additional services or products after successfully referring new customers, these are excluded from the price discount due to earlier referral of new customers.
  • The transfer of discounts to other customers of aleno AG is excluded.

General restrictions

Except for the discount described herein, the agent is not entitled to a referral commission and is not authorized to act on behalf of aleno AG. The agent agrees to fully indemnify aleno AG from all third-party claims related to violations of these Referral Terms and Conditions by the agent.

Final provision

These Referral Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by Swiss substantive law, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of 11 April 1980 (UN Sales Convention) and excluding the provisions of international private law. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Referral Terms and Conditions (including their applicability) shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Zurich.