The story and people behind aleno

Our story begins with our restaurant. It was called the ‘Wirtschaft im Franz’, and it was born out of community.
The first crowdfunded restaurant in Switzerland, it was a good place that brought together good people,
all wanting to make a difference. We cooked seasonal, organic and sustainable food while paying fair wages.
It was everything we believed in. It made us proud.

But ideals don’t always turn into profit. We soon realised that all the tasks that come along with running a successful
business – marketing, logistics, managing reservations – were drawing our attention and our revenue away from
the things that really mattered. We wanted to spend less time on paperwork and more time with our guests. So we found
our own solution – automation that actually optimised businesses.

And it worked: aleno reduced our own workload and offered new opportunities. Most importantly, it was built with
the same ideals as our restaurant: community, empowerment and integrity. That meant no advertising, no data theft and
fair conditions.

Ivica Balenovic

CEO, Co-Founder, Board Member

Yanick Neff

CFO, Co-Founder, Board Member

Michael Iten

Product Manager

Eli Geoffroy


Andri Zinsli

VP Sales

Liza Cahiz

Assistant Partner Manager

Klaus Haberkern


Johann Mascia

Market Manager DACH

Olaf Kunz

VP Marketing

Peter Wachira

Data Lead

Mladjan Simonovic


Radosław Miernik

Lead Engineer

Patrick Isler

Co-Founder, Advisor

Steven Rogers

IT / Marketing

Medin Nuhiji


Ewelina Boruch

QA Engineer

Oliver Bleckmann

Customer Success

Jaros Wojciech

QA Engineer

Michael Hering

Board Member

Tina Matsche

Customer Success

Jakub Plak


Rafal Kafara

Lead Engineer

Aleksandra Pietrzyk


Carlo Brentel

Market Manager DACH

Ursula Neff


Moritz Euchner

Market Manager DACH

Daniela Santos


Philip Niemann

VP Customer Success

Simone Pape

Business Excellence Manager

Claudio Brignoli

Customer Success

Kennedy Wesley Isiaho

QA Engineer

Sebastian Ball


Fouad Roumieh


Nikola Stanojević


Patryk Kowalik


Valentina Grinchik