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Advertising via own channels

Promote specific events
and experiences

Promote specific events
and experiences

Advertising via own channels


You have many guests - alert them at the most fortunate moment about upcoming events and promote culinary events to exactly the right people.

After the booking is before the booking

Once guests have completed a reservation for your restaurant, you can immediately inform them about special events happening at your location. Or about special culinary experiences coming up soon. All conveniently within the online reservation tool.

Highlight the highlights

Your guests are about to make a reservation at your restaurant - the perfect time to point out special occasions for which you have an excellent offer in the calendar. Highlight special events such as gatherings, special menus or special nights for your guests directly in the online booking calendar.

Book directly through social stories

Are you promoting an event through Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn story? Great. Why not let your followers book directly? With aleno, you can include a link to the online booking module in your story. In it, you show details about the event and let people make reservations, buy tickets, or pre-order a menu.


Thanks to aleno, we can communicate more efficiently, respond individually to guest requests, and generate more revenue.

Paul Sorantin
Head of Revenue, Sacher Hotels