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Acquire, inspire
& retain guests

Acquire, inspire
& retain guests

The digital assistant increases your online visibility and strengthens your brand. It takes over communication with guests for you - from the initial booking to online reviews. Events and culinary highlights are advertised to the right target groups with exact accuracy.


Reach out to the right guests with the right message

The digital assistant from aleno offers completely new opportunities to attract existing and potential guests to visit your hotel. With the Channel Manager, you have control over which platforms potential guests should use to find the right offers.

White Label: Everything in your CI

Strengthen your own brand

The online reservation module from aleno comes completely in your CI and with the wording you desire. It is a white-label solution - this means you can freely design everything and integrate custom queries. Additionally, you can efficiently promote culinary events and enable direct bookings. All commission-free.

Market events and experiences

Run advertising through your own channels

Use the online reservation tool to inform guests specifically about upcoming events and place booking links directly in social stories.


Utilize the new possibilities to address guests individually.

Every guest is unique - with the information in the guest profiles, you can now easily accommodate them before, during, and after their visit.


Reach out with the right message

  • Retention Marketing Path 14 Copy 3
  • Targeted Advertising Path 14 Copy 3
  • White Label Path 14 Copy 3
  • Conversion Tracking Path 14 Copy 3
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Reservations & Bookings

Increase direct booking

  • Google & Social-Media Path 14 Copy 3
  • 24/7-Host Path 14 Copy 3
  • Individual design Path 14 Copy 3
  • Waiting list function Path 14 Copy 3
  • Automatic reminders Path 14 Copy 3
  • Pre-orders Path 14 Copy 3
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Event Marketing

Promote events and experiences

  • In-App-Marketing Path 14 Copy 3
  • Highlight events Path 14 Copy 3
  • Social Bookings Path 14 Copy 3
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Convince with personality

  • 360°- Guest Profiles Path 14 Copy 3
  • Upselling Information Path 14 Copy 3
  • Individual approach Path 14 Copy 3
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