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The demand for personalized dining experiences is increasing. Guests expect restaurants and hotels to cater to their individual preferences. Technology plays a crucial role in this. The digital assistant has it covered.

360° guest profiles / CRM

60-degree guest profiles provide restaurants with a comprehensive view of their customers. aleno, the digital assistant, automatically integrates various data sources and customer interactions to create a complete profile of each guest. These profiles enable the creation of personalized experiences, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase revenue.

All information about your guests at one glance

Use detailed guest profiles to understand preferences and past ordering decisions. This enables your team to make tailored upselling offers. Significantly increasing the chances of success, and the upselling is perceived as personalized service.


Win over your guests with personalized offers

With guest profiles created by the digital assistant, restaurants and hotels can develop targeted marketing campaigns that have a very high conversion rate. By understanding guests' habits and preferences, tailored loyalty programs can also be created to foster stronger engagement and repeat visits.


Thanks to aleno, we can communicate more efficiently, cater individually to guest requests, and generate more revenue.

Paul Sorantin
Head of Revenue, Sacher Hotels