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Reservations & Bookings

Gain more direct
and reliable bookings

Gain more direct
and reliable bookings

Reservations & Bookings


The Digital Assistant features the most efficient reservation system in the hospitality industry. Completely commission-free. For reliable bookings, optimal processes, and maximum revenue.


Gain guests without commissions

With the Channel Manager, you can integrate the smart online reservation tool on your own website, in Google (Maps, Google Business, and Reserve with Google), social networks, loyalty platforms, your own app and on hospitality platforms. Delivering more direct bookings without any additional costs.

Available around the clock for your guests

With the virtual 24/7 host, your locations are accessible at all times. Even telephone reservations are automatically entered into the reservation system by the Digital Assistant—without anyone from your team having to be on the phone. Reducing front-end effort and providing a seamless booking experience.


Learn more about your guests in advance

Want to know more about your guests? The Digital Assistant allows you to freely configure additional queries for reservations and ask your guests about the purpose of their visit, possible allergies, and seating preferences. Additionally, you can let them choose menus and drinks for the time of reservation.

All communication
in your CI

Design the online reservation tool in your style and tone. The design and queries are completely customizable to your needs.

Fill vacated seats with guests from the waiting list

No need to worry about possible cancellations. With the integrated waiting list, the digital assistant ensures maximum occupancy in the restaurant even with last-minute cancellations. You decide whether the communication happens automatically or if you want to prioritize people on the waiting list.

Automatic reminders and confirmations

The Digital Assistant manages your reservations for you 24/7, automatically sending confirmation and reminder messages. It shows you and your guests real-time availability and provides a perfect overview of occupancy levels at all times.


Let your guests choose in advance

Allow your guests to book packages, events, or culinary highlights directly during the reservation. With pre-orders, you increase your guests' anticipation, can plan precisely and have more time for guests during their visit. 

Maintain control over your data

Don't leave your data to just any booking portal. With aleno, you have full access to your guest data - naturally GDPR-compliant, of course. This way, you get to know your guests better with each booking, can run personalized advertising, and send newsletters with the exact right offer.


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