Falstaff and aleno present Austria's 2'000 best restaurants

Olaf Kunz
April 4, 2023

Austria has chosen! The approximately 20,000 gourmet club members of the Falstaff community identified the 2,000 best restaurants and inns in Austria through no less than 250,000 reviews. The restaurant management system aleno is a partner of the guide and presents the award for sustainability.


There were some surprises at the top ranks: for the first time, the 3-star chef Juan Amador received 100 points from the Falstaff community and shares the top spot with Steirereck. In Burgenland, "Taubenkobel" once again took the lead and overtook Max Stiegl. In Upper Austria, Lukas Nagl surpassed "Mühltalhof" with "Bootshaus".


Falstaff Restaurant Guide

Falstaff Guide:
Aleno is a partner of the "Falstaff Restaurant & Inn Guide 2023" for Austria. The guide, with a print run of 30,000 copies, is now available at newsstands, well-stocked bookstores, and on falstaff.at.


There is also a new winner in Tyrol: the "Gourmet Restaurant Stüva" in Ischgl. In Styria, there is only one winner left: the "Weinbank" in Ehrenhausen, and in Carinthia, Hubert Wallner is still the best cook on Lake Wörthersee. Surprisingly, in Vorarlberg, the "Rote Wand" with the Chef's Table - despite a change of chef - won again. The most stable winner is located in Lower Austria: the "Landhaus Bacher" - simply unbeatable.


Year one after Corona: Quality like never before

In the first year after Corona, the Austrian gastronomy industry presents itself as excellent as it has ever been! Despite massive problems with staff, both in the kitchen and in the service sector, the quality is outstanding. As a result, 538 establishments have improved their position from the previous year, and 174 establishments are among the best for the first time.


In a family celebration at Vienna City Hall, Falstaff publisher Wolfgang M. Rosam, together with Markus Kapl from marketing partner Gösser, Tourism Secretary of State Susanne Kraus-Winkler, and Vienna Tourism Councilor Peter Hanke, awarded the best restaurants in each federal state and also presented awards for exciting special categories, including "Best Viennese Beisl," "Best Service," "Gastronomer of the Year," "Sommelier of the Year," "International Ambassador," "Best Country Inn," "Best Beer Culture," or "Best Sustainability" (presented by aleno).


Results in detail:

  • Lifetime achievement: Grabmer Family (Waldschänke, Grieskirchen)
  • Gastronomer of the Year: Josef Weghaupt (Joseph Brot)
  • Sommelier of the Year: Hermann Botolen (Fuhrmann, Vienna)
  • Best Service of the Year: Rote Bar (Hotel Sacher, Vienna)
  • Best International Ambassador: Maximilian Riedel (Riedel Glass)
  • Opening of the Year: "Schwarzer Adler", Hall in Tirol
  • Best Viennese Beisl: "Appiano",  Vienna
  • Best Country Inn: "Zum fröhlichen Arbeiter", Apetlon
  • Beer Culture - presented by Gösser: "Tom Almhütte", Maria Alm
  • Sustainability - presented by aleno: "Lurgbauer", St. Sebastian.


Austria's Top10



The winners in the federal states

The best in Vienna

1. State winner: Steirereck, 1030 Vienna: 100 Falstaff points

1. State winner: Amador, 1190 Vienna: 100 Falstaff points

2. Mraz & Sohn, 1200 Vienna: 99 Falstaff points

3. Silvio Nickol, 1010 Vienna: 98 Falstaff points


The best in Lower Austria

1. Federal state winner: Landhaus Bacher, 3512 Mautern an der Donau: 99 Falstaff points

2. Der Floh, 3425 Langenlebarn: 95 Falstaff points

2. Mörwald Gourmet Toni M., 3483 Feuersbrunn: 95 Falstaff points

2. Triad, 2853 Krumbach: 95 Falstaff points

3. Esslokal, 3493 Hadersdorf am Kamp: 93 Falstaff points


The best in Burgenland

1. Federal state winner: Taubenkobel, 7081 Schützen: 96 Falstaff points

2. Gut Purbach, 7083 Purbach: 94 Falstaff points

3. Infinity | The Resort, 7163 Andau: 93 Falstaff points


The best in Styria

1. Federal state winner: Die Weinbank – Restaurant, 8461 Ehrenhausen: 98 Falstaff points

2. Harald Irka am Pfarrhof, 8444 St. Andrä im Sausal: 96 Falstaff points

3. Geschwister Rauch Restaurant, 8343 Bad Gleichenberg: 95 Falstaff points


The best in Carinthia

1. Federal state winner: Gourmet Restaurant Hubert Wallner, 9082 Dellach: 99 Falstaff points

2. Die Forelle, 9762 Weißensee: 98 Falstaff points

3. Caramé, 9220 Velden: 95 Falstaff points


The best in Upper Austria

1. Federal state winner: Bootshaus Restaurant, 4801 Traunkirchen: 98 Falstaff points

2. Ois im Mühltalhof, 4120 Neufelden: 97 Falstaff points

3. Lukas, 4780 Schärding: 95 Falstaff points


The best in Salzburg

1. Federal state winner: Ikarus Hangar-7, 5020 Salzburg: 99 Falstaff points

1. Federal state winner: Obauer, 5450 Werfen: 99 Falstaff points

2. Döllerers Restaurant, 5440 Golling: 98 Falstaff points

3. Senns Restaurant, 5020 Salzburg: 97 Falstaff points


The best in Tyrol

1. Federal state winner: Stüva, 6561 Ischgl: 98 Falstaff points

2. Paznaunerstube Trofana Royal, 6561 Ischgl: 98 Falstaff points

3. Berggericht, 6370 Kitzbühel: 95 Falstaff points

3. Heimatbühne Trofana Royal, 6561 Ischgl: 95 Falstaff points

3. Interalpen-Chef’s Table, 6410 Telfs/Buchen: 95 Falstaff points

3. Schwarzer Adler, 6060 Hall in Tirol: 95 Falstaff points

3. Tannenhof, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg: 95 Falstaff points


The best in Vorarlberg

1. State Winner: Rote Wand Chef's Table, 6764 Lech: 97 Falstaff points

2. Guth, 6923 Lauterach: 95 Falstaff points

2. Kilian Stuba, 6992 Hirschegg: 95 Falstaff points

3. Aurelio's, 6764 Lech: 95 Falstaff points

3. Bergkristall, 6764 Lech: 95 Falstaff points

3. Griggeler Stuba, 6764 Lech: 95 Falstaff points

3. Jakob & Ethel in Klösterle, 6764 Lech: 95 Falstaff points

3. Restaurant Almhof Schneider, 6764 Lech: 95 Falstaff points


"The Falstaff Restaurant & Inn Guide" is now available

The "Falstaff Restaurant & Inn Guide" is now available for €15 at newsstands, well-stocked bookstores, and on falstaff.at. All reviews can also be found in the free Falstaff Restaurant Guide app.


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