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aleno offers more than online reservations. The guest management system integrates payment solutions, ticketing, take-out and delivery services, mailing and business intelligence into one powerful app. The digital heart of your restaurant comes with first-class support.


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Like the product, the price is tailored to your business. Our specialists work with you to develop the best solution for your restaurants. The price is based on the number of businesses, the integrations and services used, and is just as suitable for small as for large or seasonal businesses. 



aleno supports educational institutions and non-profit organisations

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aleno - Integrative Restaurant Management

aleno was developed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. The Guest Management Platform is based on an integrative approach. By digitally capturing, aggregating and utilizing data along the entire guest journey, aleno becomes the digital heart of your restaurants. Employees are comprehensively informed about the guests and can focus on what really matters - a great guest experience.

What you get

The Guest Management System connects the most important digital apps in the restaurant. The common database helps you to analyze, optimize, automate and centrally control processes across systems and restaurants.


We help you get more out of your data and systems for both you and your guests.
Smart and simple.



With aleno we eliminated our No-Show problem while saving a lot of administrative efforts.

Max & Vrony Cotting-Julen, Owner, Chez Vrony Zermatt

Achieve more with your data

You can expect more from your resources.

Inspire guests

Through the data, you get to know your guests even better and can offer them an improved service and Magic Moments.

Relieve your team

Increase planning reliability in operations and free your crew from administrative tasks.

Effective Marketing

Cultivate lasting relationships with your guests and increase your sales with targeted campaigns.


Customers of aleno want to...

Offer the Best Guest Experience

We consistently think through all processes from the guest's point of view and are at your side as a digital heart in the design of unforgettable guest experiences.

Understand your business

Our holistic approach helps you to identify optimisation potential throughout your entire company. The most important levers become transparent and controllable.

Continuous development

aleno flexibly supports the digitalisation and growth of your company. You can get more out of your data step by step, use more functions and integrations or manage more businesses. 

Staying one step ahead

aleno relies on the latest technologies and the joint development of new solutions with its customers. Flexible in development and use, aleno constantly offers you the technology to stay ahead of the game.

Making gastronomy sustainable

The large database is the basis for the forward-looking and economic use of resources and smart processes.

Successful business

To increase your profitability, aleno relies on automation and support for revenue management.



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