Tree for Christmas: We don't cut them down. We reforest.

Klaus Haberkern
December 15, 2022

Good Wood News: aleno plants a tree for every customer.


The tree is as much a part of Christmas as the presents. But both have their downsides. The tree, a CO2 reservoir, is cut down. And gifts - transport, contents and packaging - usually also cause a lot of CO2. What's more, many gifts are neither wanted nor liked. They are returned or thrown away.


aleno does not want to give up the beautiful tradition: Not the tree, not the gift - only it should help and not harm. That is why we give a tree to all of us and our beautiful planet. We do not cut down. We reforest.




Green Washing?

We offer digital tools. No concrete. No plastic. But it still doesn't work without consuming resources. The online use of our tools consumes electricity. Even if in smaller and smaller quantities, because we are constantly optimizing performance in terms of energy consumption.


Planting a tree for each customer does not make us CO2-neutral. However, planting a tree instead of cutting it down. A gift that binds CO2 instead of releasing it. It is a contribution.


Eat and drink and enjoy the delicacies - feed your head, your soul, your body - not the bin!


Merry Christmas from all the aleno team.



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