Phone assistant can now also make reservations in aleno

Klaus Haberkern
September 13, 2022

With our integration to, you can now take reservations in aleno 24/7 by phone without ever having to answer the phone. The calls are handled by AI. By the way: Our new integration partner received a Falstaff Award in September - congratulations!
If you're on the phone, you're not focusing on your guests. So far, the rule was: if the phone rings, the cash register doesn't ring.
With the new integration of the reservation system from aleno to the telephone assistant, you can now take reservations in your restaurant and hotel by phone. Without interrupting service.

The AI telephone assistant conducts the conversation while the service staff can take care of the guests' well-being. The AI assistant is available 24/7. This also means: more guests.

Thanks to the integration, everyone's workload is reduced: The employees in the restaurant and hotel as well as the guests during the planning of the visit and during the stay. They can concentrate on what really counts: Happy guests and enjoyment. 

More reservations. More time. That's how people like to work and that's how they like to enjoy themselves in the restaurant and hotel. 

Want to learn more about integration? Have a look at the aleno Marketplace. If you have any questions, our friendly support team will be happy to help. Or book a free live demo to get to know all the benefits of aleno. 

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