Connect aleno with PMS Mews, Protel and Fidelio

Olaf Kunz
July 12, 2022

According to the motto "F&B meets Rooms", it is now possible to exchange data between the restaurant reservation system aleno and the property management systems commonly used in hotels.  The entire guest journey thus becomes a unique, uniform journey - for guests and staff.


Guests who visit a hotel also like to be pampered in the associated restaurant. Everything under one roof. The situation is different with the software systems. However, the areas of F&B and rooms are managed separately and with different tools. Information is usually exchanged in an analogue way - via meetings and printed lists. aleno changes that. Whether Mews, Protel or Fidelio - each of the systems can now be integrated with aleno. 


All guest information in all systems

In the hotel, different data such as name, e-mail, telephone number, days of stay, room number and category, as well as package are recorded in the PMS and reservation system. With the integration of F&B and Rooms, this data is automatically merged, exchanged and displayed in both tools. This means that information does not have to be asked for again by staff, nor does it have to be disclosed repeatedly by guests. 


You can find out more about integration, the advantages and how the interaction works on our overview page for the connection of PMS Mews, Protel and Fidelio to aleno.