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Digital tools for gastronomy turning pressure into pleasure.

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Easy processes

aleno handles administrative work 
for you and optimizes utilization, increases 
turnover and reduces your effort

Clear planning

Use your data to know exactly how many 
guests are going to come and how many 
staff and resources you’ll need

Tailored shift management

Every restaurant is different.  Easily adapt our powerful shifts to your business – even within the same restaurant. Create seasonal and repeatable shifts with overbooking, buffer for preliminary reservations, variable capacities across time slots, or group reservations.

Branding – from your
design to your tongue

Build trust to your guests by adjusting the reservation widget with your logo, colors and font. Use your tongue for the communication with your guests with our flexible e-mail templates - whether it is a reservation confirmation, cancellation or review request to your preferred platform.

Our widget – Your 24/7 host

Take à la carte Reservations for Dinner, pre-orders for your

events and multiple seatings on the weekends. Our smart widget

covers it all. Reduce your No-Shows to a minimum by letting your

guests accept specific reservation conditions, automatically send

reminder e-mails or even ask for credit card details.

Get your information

everywhere and every time

Keep your business under control at all times. Check what's coming up in the weeks, days and shifts and see the utilization at a glimpse of an eye. Jump directly to our digital reservation book and table manager to plan in detail and sell all available seats, with individual staying times and multiple reservations per seat - assigned easily with Drag&Drop.

Your data – your new gold

Our reporting as well as our CRM are structured in such a way that you, like FB & Co, can profit from data. In reporting, your reservation data can be filtered, grouped, segmented and exported. Combined with the CRM, you can actively control your direct marketing and up-selling, use valuable key figures and evaluate your guests according to your personal criteria, who was there – when, how often and last, determine your turnover per reservation/cover.


Simply plan, promote and track your events. Use our marketing tools to promote your events. Check with tracking tools which marketing channels work.

Big, bigger, the biggest

Control, manage and oversee multiple restaurants. Decide for yourself how many and which employees should have access to which restaurants and which guest data.

for more efficiency

Use our REST-API or zapier to avoid media breaks between your favorite tools - newsletter system, CRM or POS. Choose from over 1500 apps and add aleno to Facebook, Google MyBusiness, and many more.