For a new era of hotel business

For a new era of hotel business

The future of the hotel business starts here. Our restaurant and hotel software profitably optimises the entire guest journey. It also allows you to focus on what really counts: Perfect service for guests.


Für eine neue Ära der Hotellerie

Das Restaurant Management System aleno unterstützt Hotels erfolgreich entlang der gesamten Guest Journey. Das bedeutet gesicherte Einnahmen, optimierte Abläufe, personalisiertes Upselling und punktgenaues Marketing. 


F&B & Rooms = eine Einheit


Ein Hotel, das ist Restaurant und Zimmer unter einem Dach. Verwaltet werden die Bereiche F&B und Rooms jedoch getrennt und mit unterschiedlichen Systemen. Entsprechend aufwendig ist die doppelte Erfassung und Verwaltung der Daten. Nicht so mit der Integration des Restaurant Reservierungssystems aleno mit den Hotel PMS.

Weniger verwalten, mehr verwöhnen


Mit der Integration von F&B und Rooms werden Daten der Software-Systeme automatisch ausgetauscht. Informationen müssen also weder von Personal erneut erfragt, noch von den Gästen wiederholt preisgegeben werden.

Das entlastet Mitarbeiter*innen und Gäste, während gleichzeitig mehr Zeit und Informationen für den persönlichen Service sowie den Genuss bleiben.

Already 80% of the top hotels in Switzerland use aleno. 


Selling and positioning


The innovative solution enables integrated communication, consistently high occupancy in the restaurants and targeted sales promotion.

  • Strengthen your own brand
  • Increase visibility on digital channels
  • Making culinary experiences bookable
  • Cross-selling across all outlets
  • 360-degree guest profiles

Strengthen your own brand: aleno is a white label system. Design and wording can be individually adapted. The same applies to the means of guest communication - from the reservation widget to emails and SMS reminders. The consistent implementation of the CI across all channels strengthens the guests' trust in the company and increases brand awareness.

Increase visibility on digital channels: The link to the online booking module can not only be included in email campaigns, newsletters and on the website. The URL can also be used on all social media platforms for direct bookings. In addition, aleno has an integration with Reserve with Google. This makes restaurants bookable directly via search and maps.  

Enable booking of culinary experiences: Inform your hotel guests about culinary experiences and events in your restaurants before their stay. For example, an exquisite wine tasting, a 5-course surprise menu in the fine dining restaurant or an exclusive BBQ experience with the chef. With aleno, guests can be addressed individually - with the right offers. Away from online reservations to reliable online bookings of entire packages.

Cross-Selling: If one of the hotel restaurants is already fully booked on a desired date, guests can be shown real-time availability of the other restaurants or partner establishments. This cross-operational capacity optimisation is unique in the world of restaurant software. 

360-degree guest profiles:  They form the basis for attracting guests to visit again with individually tailored offers via SMS, newsletter or online ads. Optimal retention marketing.



«Thanks to aleno, we can communicate more efficiently, respond individually to guests' wishes and generate more turnover.»

Paul Sorantin, Director of Revenue, Sacher Hotels


«Thanks to aleno, we can communicate more efficiently, respond individually to guests' wishes and generate more turnover.»

sorantin Paul Sorantin,
Director of Revenue,
Sacher Hotels

Manage and automate


With aleno, a wide range of processes in the hotel can be automated, restaurant operations can be controlled highly efficiently and the occupancy rate in the restaurant can be maximised. 

  • Automated reservation process
  • No-show prevention
  • Restaurant bookings also directly via PMS
  • AI-based table assignment 
  • Single Check-in via POS

Automatic booking process:With the online reservation tool, guests can see real-time capacities at any time. The data requested from guests is exactly what the restaurant needs. The guests themselves determine which information is required. Confirmations and reminders are triggered automatically by the system. All data is continuously synchronised with the system. 

No-show prevention: With aleno's no-show function, restaurants can request credit card data directly during the online reservation process. If guests stay away without prior notification, a no-show fee can be charged automatically. This reduces the no-show rate to almost zero. No more empty tables, because reservations are given value. As a rule, guests cancel in the event of a no-show. In this way, the tables can be released for further bookings in good time. By the way: Guests who have already visited the hotel/restaurant several times and those who have been marked as VIPs by the staff can also be excluded from the credit card query. 

Bookings via PMS: The reception can make reservations for guests directly in the PMS for the corresponding restaurants. There is no need to switch between systems. Real-time availability of the restaurants is also always displayed in the PMS. 

AI-based table assignment: Where is the best table to place the guests? With which combinations can maximum occupancy be ensured? The system answers these questions independently. Existing data is analysed and suggestions are made on the basis of this. In this way, the service staff can carry out the check-in within a few seconds. This saves many hours of valuable time per month and ensures that the maximum number of guests can be served.

Single Check-in via POS: With the integration to the POS system, check-in and check-out only have to be done in one of the two systems. This makes work easier and saves a lot of time. 




«With aleno we have reliable reservations and know what our guests' preferences are. The system brings together all restaurants-related guest information, including turnover data.»

Lorenzo Studer, Owner of the Art Hotel Riposo, Ascona, Switzerland (Hotel of the Year 2023 in the Karl Wild Hotel Rating).


«With aleno we have reliable reservations and know what our guests' preferences are. The system brings together all restaurants-related guest information, including turnover data.»

sorantinOwner of the Art Hotel Riposo, Ascona, Switzerland
(Hotel of the Year 2023 in the Karl Wild Hotel Rating).

Vorteile im Restaurant


Noch vor den Gästen kommen die Daten ins Restaurant. Das Personal ist vorab über die künftige Auslastung, Reservierungen und die Gäste informiert, z.B. welches Package sie gebucht haben, wie lange sie im Hotel bleiben, welche Sonderwünsche sie haben.

Die umfassenden Daten ermöglichen eine bessere Planung und einen persönlicheren Service von Anfang an. Und das unabhängig davon, welche*r Mitarbeiter*in den Gast bedient. Zudem können mit den Daten Prozesse vereinfacht werden. 

Mit der Wiederholungsfunktion kann für die gesamte Aufenthaltsdauer für den Gast derselbe Tisch reserviert werden, so dass an keinem weiteren Tage mehr beim Gast nachgefragt werden muss. Auf Wunsch kann die Reservierung für einzelne Tage einfach auf einen anderen Tisch, eine andere Zeit oder ein anderes Restaurant verschoben werden. 

  • Automatische Synchronisation der Daten von PMS und Restaurant-CRM, sowie ggf. auch POS

  • Wiederholung der Reservierungen für gesamte Aufenthaltszeit..

  • Verschiebung von Reservierungen auf andere Tische, Zeiten, Hotel-Restaurants.

  • Reservierungsmanagement inklusive automatisierter Erinnerungs-Mail, No-Show-Vermeidung, Vorauszahlung etc.

Analyse & optimise


With the data available in aleno, guests can be addressed according to their interests, high-turnover guests can be identified and planning can be significantly simplified. 

  • BI module for individual analyses and dashboard
  • Basis for revenue management
  • Prerequisites for yielding
  • Efficient Retention Marketing

Business Intelligence: aleno offers a wealth of guest data and reservation information that provides valuable insights on guests and restaurant occupancy. Through integrations with POS, PMS, etc., aleno can be used to combine and link even more data in a meaningful way to make the right decisions. Depending on which integrations are activated, different dashboards are available: 

  • POS system: Sold items including turnover per guest;
  • PMS systems: Information on guests and hotel bookings:
  • Review Management: Guest reviews, created by re:spondelligent.

Revenue Management: With aleno, you can see which guests have the highest turnover and what their preferences are. Perfect conditions for successful upselling. In addition, double and triple seating is very easy to implement with aleno. This is how you can maximise your turnover. 

Yield Management: Dynamic prices are still rarely used in the restaurant business. However, especially where packages are also sold in the F&B sector, additional guests can be attracted by offering lower prices at short notice for certain days or shifts when restaurants are not yet fully booked (see Retention Marketing below). 

Retention Marketing: Turning one-time guests into loyal ones - with aleno, people who have made online reservations in a certain period of time can be assigned to an audience. This data is then available for targeted remarketing campaigns in Google and for social networks. In addition, the email addresses and guest tags can be used to create automatic user segments for suitable newsletters, for example via Mailchimp. 


Raphael Steinhart

«In the hotel sector, aleno supports us in the daily guest management. This ensures a smooth flow in kitchen and service and thus more satisfied guests.»

Raphael Steinhart, Deputy  Food & Beverage Manager at the 5-star Sonnenalp Resort, Allgäu


«In the hotel sector, aleno supports us in the daily guest management. This ensures a smooth flow in kitchen and service and thus more satisfied guests.»

Raphael SteinhartRaphael Steinhart, Deputy Food & Beverage Manager im 5-Sterne Sonnenalp Resort, Allgäu

Integrate and connect


aleno fits perfectly into the existing software architecture and allows innovative strategies to be implemented in digitalisation.

  • Integration with PMS Protel, Mews, Fidelio and Opera
  • Connection to POS, newsletter systems, CRM and others
  • GraphQL-interface
  • Full sovereignty over all data

PMS integrations: Das Restaurant Management System aleno interfaces with the best PMS on the market: Mews, Opera, Fidelio and Protel. The integration allows to automate and optimise work processes across rooms and F&B.

38 Connections via Marketplace: In addition to PMS, the software can exchange data with numerous other connections. For example, the cash register, newsletter systems, CRMs, channel managers, review management systems and much more. In this way, processes can be automated and the restaurant/hotel operation optimally controlled. aleno thus becomes a valuable data hub. With the BI module, all this information can be evaluated and clearly displayed. 

GraphQL-interface: It enables developers to make applications more flexible and scalable while providing an improved user experience. The client can respond more quickly to requests because it retrieves only the data it needs. This makes it easier to develop integrations to other software systems. This is valuable for clients who often have multiple systems in place for review management, checkout, revenue management, purchasing, merchandise management, etc. 

Full sovereignty over all data: In contrast to booking portals, the sovereignty over guest data in the case of aleno lies with the hotels/restaurants themselves. They can analyse, combine and, if necessary, export this data. In the backend, data on all your own hotel-restaurants is available. 


Up-selling: What makes the guest happy


In aleno werden Gäste-Informationen aus F&B, Rooms und POS gespeichert, z.B. die Vorlieben, frühere Besuche, Umsätze. Die Mitarbeiter*innen können diese Informationen für ein Up-Selling im Sinne des Gastes nutzen, und ihm genau das bieten, was er wünscht, und das ich noch besserer Qualität. Das mehrt den Umsatz und die Zufriedenheit des Gastes.

  • Automatische oder manuelle Erfassung und Verwaltung von Vorlieben, Sonderwünschen und Gäste-Histories.

  • Umfassendes Gästeprofil für bedarfsgerechtes Up-Selling, z.B. Vorlieben bei Essen und Trinken, Sonderwünsche. 

Marketing: Aus neuen werden treue Gäste


Über die gesamte Gäste-Journey der Restaurant- und Hotelgäste werden Daten in aleno erfasst bzw. zusammengeführt. Mit den personalisierten Daten können Gäste gezielt und ausschliesslich entsprechend ihrer Interessen adressiert werden. Statt SPAM also wunschgemässe Angebote, beste Erinnerungen und wiederkehrende Gäste. 

  • Zielgruppengenaues digitales Marketing auf Social Media, Google und weiteren Channels 

  • Automatische Newsletter an ausgewählte Gästesegmente

  • Automatisiertes Review Management

  • Retention-Marketing: Hotel-Gäste für ein Dinner und Restaurant-Gäste für Übernachtungen gewinnen

Diese Hotels setzen auf aleno


Integration zu Protel, Mews und Fidelio


Das Restaurant Management System aleno verfügt über eine Schnittstelle zu den besten PMS am Markt: MEWSFidelio und protel. Die Integration erlaubt Arbeitsprozesse über Rooms und F&B hinweg zu automatisieren und zu optimieren. Die Automatisierung entlang der gesamten Guest Journey von Zimmerbuchung über Bezahlung bis hin zu Marketing ist für Hotels der grosse Schritt in die digitale Zukunft.

aleno - Tools für eine neue Ära der Gastronomie


aleno automatisiert Reservierungen, Gästemanagement, Payment und Marketing in Restaurant. Ob Hotelrestaurants, Sterne-Restaurants, Restaurant-Kette oder Biergarten, im Tool können z.B. Brand, Design, Räume, Gäste-Labels, Bezahl- und Bestelllösungen oder Marketing flexibel auf jeden Betrieb angepasst werden.

Auf dem aleno Marketplace können zahlreiche Erweiterungen wie POS, PMS, Newsletter-Systeme, Channel-Manager etc ausgewählt werden. Die synchronisierten Daten können vom Hotel beliebig für eine persönliche Guest-Experience und die Automatisierung von Workflows oder die Auslastungsoptimierung genutzt werden - auch standortübergreifend.



«With the integration of aleno and our PMS, we optimise processes and internal communication. No more lists and everyone always has up-to-date information.»

Jonas Ritscher, Front Office Manager at Suvretta House, St. Moritz


«With the integration of aleno and our PMS, we optimise processes and internal communication. No more lists and everyone always has up-to-date information.»

sorantinJonas Ritscher, Front Office Manager at Suvretta House, St. Moritz

Example: 5-star Hotel Sonnenalp Resort



Labour saving



9/10 points



The hotel has 7 restaurants with up to 16,000 restaurant visitors per month. aleno enables stress-free service, better planning and maximum guest satisfaction.

Hotel success through digital innovation and excellence


aleno is a must for hotels that want to digitise and optimise the guest journey.

The system combines human interaction and technological solutions.

The balanced approach improves the guest experience and operational efficiency.


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